Manufacture of upholstered furniture

The other foundation of our business is the manufacture of upholstered furniture.


The efficiency of the process is guaranteed by top quality machinery and our experienced and qualified staff. We precisely define individual expectations of every Customer, and then prepare a design matching them, to finally supply a product meeting all the expectations to the satisfaction of the Customer.


At WATEX, all the upholstered furniture is made with the care for detail. The precision and diligence directly translate to the quality of our products.


And although the above two pillars of our business reflect WATEX’ daily business well, one must also mention our universal approach. Our business objective is clear: to satisfy the Customer. Following this principle, we take every effort to adapt the products on offer to specific and customised needs of our Customers.


Contact us, and we will guarantee to tailor our offer to precisely meet your expectations.

Services of furniture cover tailoring